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MM Homes and Developers is a growing real estate builder and promoter based in Tirupati. Knowledge is power; experience is equally powerful; our company functions with the combined energy of either of them along with the sturdy support of our engineering team.
In the changed political and social conditions, Tirupati is not only a pilgrim center but also will be developed as a major business center, tourist center and educational center.Tirupati is known as the hindu vacation piligrim city which is the world most famous shrine located near chennai which is popularly known as the historic capital of south India.
Tirupati is the city which connects all the major cities roads, rail and airways of the country ,International Airport, Five Universities, International Schools, New Industries, Highly Medicaid, Naturopathy in Seshadri Hill,International Star Hotels, Smart City and I.I.T educational institutions,with the view of Swamvari namalu.
As a dynamic and consumer-focused brand, in every iteration of development we adhere to the commitment of excellence to achieve the goal of true sustainability..


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